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SlideShare is a web based program that allows you to upload files such as adobe and PowerPoint presentations to a publicly viewable space for free (Slideshare, 2009).

I recently have uploaded a short snippet from a university group assessment PowerPoint presentation, which we previously have completed. The presentation is directed at educators about the effects assessment can have on a student’s creative expression and how educators can foster creativity within the classroom.
I have not been able to upload an MP3 narrative file to slideshare simply as I do not have the resources to do it.

I found using slideshare quite difficult as I am more familiar with Powerpoint and was disappointed that when uploading my presentation to slideshare it did not automatically incorporate the song that was attached to the presentation or any of the animations, creating a quite static and boring presentation. After my numerous attempts with slideshare I went to friends for help but they too were experiencing the same technology troubles. I continued to explore this site although quite frustrated after a lot of time had gone by and began thinking how I could incorporate this program within the classroom.

I feel that this tool would be very effective in the classroom if all resources were available and working properly. As slideshare caters for all learning styles (visual, auditory and kinasetheitc) and I think students would thoroughly enjoy making their own engaging and exciting presentations. Especially with wonderful options available such as the ability to narrate their own presentations, which is great for those who are shy. According to Sims and Biggs (as cited in Brown & Drinkwater, 2001) students are more likely to have positive learning outcomes if they engage and interact, rather than students passively receiving information. This learning tool also links to the Active Learning pedagogical framework (Input, Process,Output) by (ACU Adams Centre for Teaching Excellence, 2000). As students are receiving input through the use of narrations/music and viewing the images within the presentations. Students are completing a process that is guided by the learning manager and incorporates working with their peers to create a presentation using a variety of technology tools such as microphones. To complete the framework students publish their presentation by uploading their file to the slideshare program making it available for their peers (Output).

In conclusion I feel that slideshare could provide great value to an educational context, ensuring students can access the appropriate resources required and the learning manager ensures students are protected whilst using the site and provides learners with a scaffolded learning journey to create their masterpieces.

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