Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Dear Followers,
this is one of my many experiments that I have been making using Wordle.

Wow what an excellent site, it is so fun and addictive.
I will definitely continue to explore this wonderful site!
This experiment was created simply by going to:

  • www.wordle.net
  • select create
  • I pasted my personal interests (ctrl c) copy (ctrl v) paste in the selected text box
  • click go and by playing with the colours provided
Check it out it's an awesome site!


  1. Hey Katrina,
    Just had a play with Wordle, lots of fun and could really help with engaging students.
    Talk soon

  2. Hey Trine,
    What a good site! It seems like everyone is using it now for assignments at uni!

    I wonder if you could use it in the classroom as an English tool? The students could place their writing in the site and then view the words that they use most. It's just a thought.


  3. Dear followers,

    Thank you kindly for your comments and suggestions, they are greatly appreciated.

    After experimenting with the wordle site myself, I incorporated this learning tool with my current prep class as a demonstration of common words found in some of their favourite story books.

    By using the interactive whiteboard for the entire class to see I typed the words found within a story selected by the class into the wordle create tool. Clearly we all could see the most common simple words displayed on the screen such as;
    • my
    • I
    • the
    • and
    • to

    This was an excellent and engaging starting point for the beginning of their sight word wall. The students thoroughly enjoyed this activity and are continually finding more stories that we could type into wordle.